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Vincentian House, Adichira
Perumbaikadu P.O. 686 028
Kottayam, Kerala   
Phone: 0481-2791635, 2791505


01 Fr. Kadiyamkuttyil Xavier – Pastoral Ministry    
02 Fr. Kaipadakunnel Joseph – Fin. Officer & Director, P.M.    
03 Fr. Maliekal John – Superior    
04 Fr. Matheickal Jose – Pastoral Ministry    
05 Fr. Olickal Mathew – Asst. Fin. Officer    
06 Fr. Vettickal Joseph -Asst. Director        
07 Fr. Vettiyankal Jose -Director RTC    
08 Bro. Kurinjiparambil Terry – Regent


01 Popular Mission Centre (1990)
02 Parithrana Retreat Centre (1992)
03 Perpetual Adoration Centre (2004)
04 Divine Mercy Grotto
05 Mother Mary’s Grotto
06 Divine Mercy Chapel and St. Faustina’s relic


“The Spirit of the Lord is up on me, because he has chosen me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed”

“Bearing this mission of the Divine Master and inspired by the apostolic zeal of their Patron St. Vincent De Paul, the Vincentia Congregation of India, remains committed to their charism “Evangelizare Pauperibus”. Parithrana Retreat centre anchors, many of the National and International Ministries in the evangelization network of the Vincentian Congregation. Parithrana is very specially known for its Popular Mission Retreats, which are organized by the Retreat centre in its capacity as the Popular Mission Centre of the St. Joseph’s Province of the Vincentian Congregation

Parithrana: – The wealth of the word.


The term ‘Parithrana’ stands for the “The House of Redemption”.  As the name indicates the ‘Great redeemer’ has in many ways practised His mission of redemption through the instrumentality of Parithrana. The redeemer stays and the redemption continues.  Welcome to Parithrana the House of redemption.

To brief the Providence

Opened on December 1992, Parithrana was ably guided by Fr. George Vadakkekara its first director for 4 years. Fr. Michael Panachickel V.C. succeeded him for another term of four years. Anointed ministers of the word have always been a blessing on the Parithrana ministries. Lakhs of people, from different cultures, religions and nations live as witness to the redeeming love of Jesus in the Parithrana way (Redeemed way). The Providence of the Divine has gone into many lives through the Parithrana Ministries.

Popular Mission Retreats: -Even to the Corners

Initiated in the graceful inspiration of the Lord, St. Vincent De Paul pioneered this dynamic catechising technique in the Catholic Church. Vincentian Congregation living to the vision of their patron St. Vincent has committed themselves to the preaching of the Mission retreats in different parts of the world. Parithrana organizes the popular mission retreats, in central and southern Kerala, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Goa in India, and in Srilanka.  Parithrana gratefully acknowledges the gift of a dynamic and experienced team of preachers. Every alternative weeks of the year are set apart for the preaching of the Popular Mission Retreats. The congested schedule and the queuing of requests tell of its appreciation among the people of God.

Residential Retreats: — With Him, for a week.

This house of redemption offers opportunities to people from every walks of life to reside and recollect at the Centre. Every first and second weeks of the month the will be residential retreats for 4 days beginning from Sunday to Thursday. Even though prior registration is appreciated we accommodate almost everyone who comes. Usually growth retreats are offered at Parithrana. Its simple and beautiful landscape thrilling solitude and fraternal concerns soothe the trailing minds to receive the best from the Lord. Residential retreats include, Inner Healing Retreats, Marian Retreats, Retreats for the children, Retreats for the Anointing of the Spirit, Growth retreats etc. Rev. Fr. Jose Vetiyankal, Director Parithrana, Rev. Fr. Joseph Kaipadakkunnel, V.C. Director Popular Mission. Rev. Fr. Jose Vettickal, Asst. Director and the Parithrana Team lead the Retreats.

Bible Conventions: – Come on and Celebrate

Parithrana organizes Bible Conventions around the Globe. Thousands gather to experience the liberating touch of the word, in the conventions led by Parithrana team. Preparatory sessions and follow up programs are offered by Parithrana to the renewed communities emerged from the Parithrana conventions. In spite of organizing Bible Conventions away from the centre, Parithrana takes up a huge gathering of 50000 thousand believers in its own campus every year and celebrates it as a festival of Anointing.

International Ministries: – Nations Gather

A team led by Fr. Augustine Mundackattu makes frequent evangelizing visits to different countries especially places where open discussion on the word of God is challenged. Parithrana team has already visited nations like China, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, South Korea, Brunei, Srilanka, Uganda, Kenya, Malaysia and Mauritius etc. several times. Parithrana also organizes follow up residential retreats at the centre, for the participants from other nations who have already been to the love of God through the Ministries of Parithrana.

One day Program: – Walk In the Light

Every Friday thousands gather at the centre to fast and pray. People from far and wide; receive numerous blessings in manifold ways by making their Friday visits more devotional and popular. Around a thousand people come every Friday to Parithrana.

12.00pm: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, rosary and praise and worship.
1:00 pm: Healing Mass
2:00 pm: Preaching of the word of God
3:00 pm: Adoration and Healing Prayers
4:00 pm: Final Prayers.

Night Vigils: – A Saturday Bliss

Every second Saturday night of the month is a `Saturday Bliss’. Thousands crowd in the night and transcend their souls in to the Lord than submit their body to sleep. Each of the night Vigils gather more showers of blessings. Every second Saturday 7;00 pm beginning with Holy Mass and ends at 5:00 am on Sunday together with Mass. In Between there will be rosary, preaching of the word of God Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament with healing prayers and Eucharistic procession at midnight. Divine Mercy prayers are said at 3:00am. Around 800-1000 people attend this service.

Perpetual Adoration Centre: – In To Him


The perpetual adoration centre has turned to be the source and strength of the Parithrana Ministries. A perpetually adoring community at Parithrana has turned to be a heavenly flavor in the world intercession network. Even the visitors to the artistic creativity and architectural style of the chapel at Parithrana, go captured in to the Eucharistic presence of the Lord and the litanies of praises and petitions echoed in.

Other Ministries

Books Stall

As the part of the evangelization through media to promote popular devotion Parithrana Books Stall serves the faithful making available articles like Bibles, spiritual books, rosaries etc. on a non profit basis

Parithrana Bible Project:

We distribute Bibles at subsidised rates and sometimes totally free, for the needy take turns at night for night vigil. This centre has become the spiritual pivert for the whole of Kottayam area and the source of vibrant power for those who seek peace and consolation.

Parithrana Housing Project

In order to commemorate the centenary of the Vincentian Congregation Parithrana Bhavan gave partial support for building, 25 houses and Rs 50000 for the full support for one house. Thus 26 houses were given support spending a total of Rs 242308.00.

Daily Services

6:45 am – Holy mass
7:30 am – Conducted Rosary in the adoration chapel.

Intercessory Prayer

Counseling and Confession

3:00 pm – Chaplet of Divine Mercy and Healing prayers.
7:00 pm – Conducted rosary and adoration with healing prayers.